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January 1:

1735: Paul Revere was born. He was a Silversmith & an US patriot.
1752: Betsy Ross was born. She was a Simstress of the USA Flag.
1943: Don Novello was born. He was "Father Guido Sarducci" in Saturday Night Live.
National Soup Month
National Candy Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Wheat Bread Month

1st : National Champaigne Day!
2nd : National Cream Puff Day!
2nd : National Science Fiction Day!
3rd : National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!
4th : National Spaghetti Day!
5th : National Whipped Cream Day!
6th : National Shortbread Day!
8th : National English Toffee Day!
9th : National Apricot Day!
10th: National Bittersweet Chocolate Day!
11th: National Hot Toddy Day!
12th: National Marzipan Day!
13th: National Peach Melba Day!
14th: National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day!
15th: National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!
17th: National Hot Buttered Rum Day!
18th: Winnie The Pooh Day!
19th: National Popcorn Day!
21st: National Hugging Day!
26th: National Peanut Brittle Day!
27th: National Chocolate Cake Day!
28th: National Blueberry Pancake Day!
29th: National Puzzle Day!
30th: National Croissant Day!

Birthdays For The Rest Of The Month of January
2nd : Cuba Gooding Jr. : Actor: "Jerry McGuire"
2nd : Gabrielle Carteris : Actress : "Beverly Hills 90210" Series
2nd : Roger Miller : Country Singer: "King Of The Road"
3rd : Mel Gibson : Actor: "Braveheart"/"Leathal Weapon"/"What Women Want"
3rd : Victoria Principal: Actress : "Dallas" Series
3rd : Dabney Coleman : Actor : "9 To 5"
3rd : J.R.R. Tolkien : Arthor of "Lord Of The Rings"
4th : Diane Cannon : Actress : "Heaven Can Wait"
4th : Louis Braille : Inventor of The Braille System for the Blind.
5th : Pamula Sue Martin : Actress : "Dynasty" Series/"Nancy Drew" Series
5th : Diane Keaton : Actress : "Annie Hall"/"First Wives Club"
5th : Robert Duvall : Actor : "The Godfather"
6th : Nancy Lopez : 3 Time LPGA Champion Golfer
6th : Bonnie Franklin : Actress: "One Day At A Time" Series
6th : Danny Thomas : Founder of the St.Jude Children's Hospital
6th : Joan Of Arc : Saint Female dressed as a man to fight for France.
7th : Nicolas Cage: Actor: "Family Man"/"National Treasure"
7th : David Caruso : Actor: "CSI Miami" Series
7th : Kenny Loggins : Singer/Songwriter : "All The Pretty Little Ponies"/"Rainbow Connection"
7th : Paul Revere : Singer of Paul Revere & The Raiders
8th : David Bowie : Actor/Singer: "Labyrinth"
8th : Elvis Presley: Singer of Rock N' Roll
9th : Crystal Gayle : Country Singer
9th : Joan Baez : Folklore Singer & Political Actavist
9th : Bob Denver : Actor : "Gillighan's Island" Series
9th : Richard Nixon : President Of The US
10th : Pat Benatar : Singer: "Love Is A Battlefield"
10th : Jim Croce : Singer : "Time In A Bottle"/"Bad,Bad Leroy Brown"
11th : Naomi Judd : Country Singer/Mom of Wynonna and Ashley Judd
12th : Andy Lawrence : Actor : "Brotherly Love" Series
12th : Kirstie Alley : Actress : "Cheers" Series/"Jenny Craig Commercials"
13th : Orlando Bloom : Actor : "Lord Of The Rings"/"Pirates Of The Caribbean"
13th : Patrick Dempsey : Actor: "Grey's Anatomy" Series
13th : Julia Louis Dryfus : Actress : "Sienfield" Series/"Old Christine" Series
13th : Robert Stack : Actor : "The Untouchables"
14th : Jason Bateman : Actor : "Silver Spoons"
14th : Faye Dunaway : Actress : "Bonnie & Clyde"
14th : Andy Rooney : Author & Commendator for "60 Minutes"
15th : Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. : Famous Quote: "I Have A Dream"
17th : Jim Carrey : Actor : "Mask"/"Liar, Liar"
17th : Muhammid Ali : Famous Boxer & Peace Activist
17th : Shari Lewis : Puppeteer for "Lamb Chop"
17th : James Earl Jones : Voice of "Dark Vader"
17th : Betty White : "Golden Girls"/"Mary Tyler Moore Show"
17th : Benjamin Franklin : Inventor of Eye Glasses & Electricity & Daylight Savings Idea
18th : Danny Kaye : Actor: "White Christmas"
18th : Cary Grant : Actor: "North By Northwest"
19th : Dolly Parton : Actress/Country Singer : "Unlikely Angel"/"9 To 5"/"A Smokey Mountain Christmas"
19th : Janis Joplin : Singer : "Me & Bobby McGee"
19th : Jean Stapleton : Actress : "All In The Family" Series
21st : Robby Benson : Actor: "Beauty & The Beast"/"One On One"/"Ice Castles"
21st : Geena Davis : Actress: "A League Of Their Own"/"Thelma & Louise"
21st : Mac Davis : Country Singer: "Baby, Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"
21st : Jack Nicklaus : Best Golfer
21st : Wolfman Jack: Radio & Television Best Disc Jockey
22nd : Bill Bixby : Actor : "Incredible Hulk"
24th : Mary Lou Retton: Spunky Gold Medalist Gymnastics in the 1984 Olympics
24th : John Belushi : "National Lampoon's Animal House"/"Blues Brothers"/"Saturday Night Live" Show
24th : Neil Diamond : Country Singer: "America"/"Red,Red Wine"/"Sweet Caroline"
26th : Ellen DeGenerus : Comedian/Talk Show Host
26th : Paul Newman : Actor: "Color Of Money"/"Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid"
26th : Douglas MacArthur : Famous Quote: "I Shall Return"
28th : Alan Alda : Actor : "M*A*S*H"
28th : Sarah Gilbert : Actress : "Rosainne" Series
28th : Oprah Winfrey : Talk Show Host
28th : Tom Selleck : Actor: "Magnum P.I." Series/"Mr. Baseball"
28th : Katherine Ross : Actress: "Butch Casidy & The Sundance Kid"/"The Graduate"
28th : John Forsythe : Actor: "Charlies' Angels"
30th : Gene Hackman: Actor: "Mis Understood"
30th : Franklyn D. Roosevelt : President Of The US
31st : Suzanne Pleshette : Actress : "Bob Newhart Show" Series
31st : Carol Channing : Actress : "Hello Dolly!"

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