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June 11: My Grandmothers Birthday: Louise Durham Denham
National Candy Month
Dairy Month
National Ragweed Control Month
National Rose Month
National Ventalation Month
1st : National Hazelnut Cake Day
2nd : National Rocky Road Day
3rd : National Chocolate Macaroon Day
4th : National Cognac Day
4th : National Frozen Yogurt Day
4th : Cheese Day
5th : World Environment Day
6th : National Apple Sauce Day
7th : National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
8th : National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day
10th : Herb Day
11th : National German Chocolate Cake Day
13th : National Juggling Day
13th : National Lobster Day
14th : National Family History Day
14th : National Strawberry Shortcake Day
16th : National Fudge Day
17th : National Apple Strudel Day
17th : National Children's Day
18th : International Picnic Day
18th : National Cherry Tart Day
19th : National Martini Day
20th : National Vanilla Milkshake Day
21st : National Peaches & Cream Day
22nd : National Chocolate Eclair' Day
24th : National Forgiveness Day
24th : National Creamy Prailines Day
25th : National Strawberry Parfait Day
26th : National Chocolate Pudding Day
27th : National Orange Blossom Day
29th : National Almond Butter Crunch Day
29th : National Camera & Flower Day
30th : National Ice Cream Soda Day

1919: "Sir Barton" became Horse Racings' 1st Triple Crown winner.
1966: Janis Joplin made her first appearance on stage at the Avalon ballroom in San Fransico.
1979: Actor John Wayne died at age 72. : "True Grits".
1982: "ET" ~ The Extra Terrestrial... debuted.

Birthdays on June 11th
Chad Everett : Actor : "Medical Center"
Jo Montana : NFL Quarterback
Richard Strauss: German Composer & Conductor.
Vince Lombardi: American Football Coach.
Gene Wilder: Actor/Commedian : "Young Frankenstien"
Jacques Cousteau : Host of the series "The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau".

Birthdays on the Rest Of June
1st : Andy Griffith : Actor : "The Andy Griffith Show".
1st : Marilyn Monroe : Actress :
1st : Pat Boone : Actor/Singer/Pianist/Guitarist
1st : Morgan Freeman : Actor : "Bucket List"
2nd : Stacy Keech : Actor : "Indians"/"Death Trap"/"King & I".
2nd : Marvin Hamlish : Boston Pops Conductor
2nd : Jerry Mathers : Actor : "Leave It To Beaver" Series.
3rd : Tony Curtis : Singer/Actor : "Some Like It Hot!"
4th : Dennis Weaver : Actor : "Gunsmoke" Series/ "McCloud" Series/"Centinnial".
4th : Dr. Ruth Westheimer : Sex Talk Host Show.
6th : Bjorn Borg : Professional Tennis Player.
7th : Jessica Tandy : Actress : "Nobody's Fool"/"Driving Miss Daisy"/"Fried Green Tomatos".
7th : Tom Jones : Singer.
8th : Frank Lloyd Wright : Artist/Architect.
8th : Joan Rivers : Talk Show Host/Famous Quote :"Can We Talk?"/Impersonator.
8th : Nancy Sinatra : Song Writer.
8th : Boz Scaggs : Singer.
9th : Cole Porter : Composer : "Around The World In 80 Days"/"Aladdin".
9th : Robert Cummings : MD Family Practice/Professor of Philosophy,Religion, & Theology.
9th : Jackie Mason : Actor :
9th : Micheal J.Fox : Actor : "Family Ties" Series/"Back To The Future".
9th : Johnny Depp : Actor : "Pirates Of The Carribbean"/"21 JumpStreet" Series.
10th: Judy Garland : Actress : "Wizard Of Oz"/"Easter Parade".
12th: George Bush : President Of The US.
12th: Anne Frank : Writer of the Holocaust.
12th: Jim Nabors : Actor/Comedian : "Carol Burnett Show"/"Gomer Pyle" Series.
13th: Malcolm McDowell : Actor: "Cat People"/"Time After Time".
13th: Tim Allen : Actor/Comedian "Home Improvements" Series/"Santa Clause".
13th: Ally Sheedy : Actress : "Oxford Blues"/"Maid To Order".
14th: Burl Ives : Actor/Singer/Songwriter :
14th: Boy George: Singer :"Leader Of The Culture Club"
14th: Stefi Graff: Professional Tennis Player.
15th: Helen Hunt : Actress:
17th: Dean Martin: Comedian.
17th: Barry Manilow: Singer :
18th: M.C.Escher: Artist of 3D's and 4D's Work.
18th: Paul McCartney: Singer: of the Beatles.
19th: Gena Rowlands : Actress : "Thursday's Child".
19th: Kathleen Turner : Actress:
20th: Brian Wilson: Drummer for the Beach Boys.
20th: Lionel Richie: Singer:
20th: Cyndi Lauper: Singer:
21st: Jane Russell: Actress:
21st: Meredith Baxter: Actress: "Family" Series.
21st: Nicole Kidman: Actress: "Far & Away"
21st: Prince William : Prince of London.
22nd: Meryl Streep: Actress: "Julia & Julia"/"Mama Mia"
22nd: Lindsay Wagner: Actress: "Bionic Woman" Series/"Thicker Than Water"/"A Child's Cry"/"Once In A Lifetime".
25th: Carly Simon: Singer:
27th: Helen Keller : Blind,Deaf & Mute person.
27th: Bob "Captain Kangaroo" Keeshan. Host of the Captain Kangaroo show.
27th: H. Ross Perot:
28th: Mel Brooks: Actor/Comedian:
28th: Gilda Radner:Actress/Comedian: Comedian on Saturday Night Live" show.

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