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Xmas Songs I Enjoy
Santa, I'm Right Here! By Toby Keith
Step Into Christmas By Elton John
Carol Of The Bells By Cyberian Orchestra

Xmas Movies I Enjoy
A Christmas Carol: Jim Carrey
A Christmas Carol: Henry Winkler
A Christmas Carol: George C. Scott
A Christmas Carol: The Muppets and Micheal Caine
A Christmas Carol: Ebbie : Susan Lucci
A Christmas Carol: Ms. Scrooge : Cisily Tyson
The Night They Saved Christmas : Jacklyn Smith
Mrs. Santa Clause : Angela Landsbury
A Smokey Mountain Christmas : Dolly Parton and Lee Majors

And it came to past,
Born in a manager, a baby boy was born!
With Mary and Joseph, as guardians.
And the Lord Almighty as the parent!
of course it was Mary's child too!

Written by Marcia Gallatin,
December 28, Monday, 2009.

Sweet Potatoes/Yams
Punch w/Ice Cream
Mashed Potatos
Pumkin Pie

Traditions To Ask For
Chocolate Coins
Chocolate Oranges
Life Saver Books
Russell Stovers Chocolates
Cordial Cherries

Traditions To Eat On New Years Eve and Day!
Black Eyed Peas
Jalepanio Cornbread
Sparkling Cider

Resolutions 2010:

8 Resolutions: To Keep FIRST! :
#8 : To Make More Cross-Stitches

To Get A Laptop w/a DVD player & New Microsoft Works for when I'm Bedridden again like in 2005.
To Get A NEW Computer!
To Get A New VHS Player!
To Own A I-Pad 2! “Maybe”
To Own A Computer Microphone/Headset “That Fits Me~ Maybe!
Go to Walt Disney World during Christmas!
Go to The Harry Potter Theme Park @ Universal Studios In Orlando Florida!
Go on a Cruise!
To get “Albus/Voldermort Bookends” by Noble Collection @ $195.00
To get Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Bookends on Ebay.
To read Ink Spell
Get my Orthapedic Surgeon for my right arm!
To work on my Calendar book.
To organanize my address book : All into 1.
Go to the TransSiberean Orchestra in December!
To Own: Beauty & The Beast 55 Series on DVD.
To Own: The Thief Lord movie on DVD
To Make More Cross~Stitches : Light ~ Surgeon ~ Rosebuds stocking ~ MSG7RICCY LSA
To cook more with dad
To Re Join Toastmasters! "Maybe"
To get my ATM ~ Silver!
To get my CL in Toastmasters! “Maybe”
To be First 245 lbs then to be 224 lbs. “I’m 269 lbs now” as of April 13, 2006.
As of November 2, I’m 275lbs again 2008
As of December 28, 2008 : I’m 268lbs.
As of January 5, 2009 : I’m 263 Lbs.
As of May 24, 2009 : I’am still 260 Lbs.
As of September 9, 2009 : I’am 277 lbs again.
As of October 15, 2009 : I’am 283 lbs.
As Of October 31, 2009 : Iam 278 Lbs. Loosing Weight Again!
As of June 9, 2010 : I’am : 290 Lbs.
As of November 12, 2010 : I'am 290.8 Lbs.
To Eat Christmas @ Marriot Downtown.
OR To Eat Christmas @ Omni Hotel
OR To Eat Christmas @ Threadgills in Austin.
To Read & Be Able To Understand it.
Have more Breakfast's on the patio with dad.
To have a sidewalk to the backyard garden
To Make Saugage Cheese Balls!
To Make Christmas Cookies this year with dad.
To Re Make my Rosemary Roast
To Re Make my Watergate Salad
King William Fair ~~Burgsfest!~ July 4th !
~ ~ Oct. Boo ~ Nov. Thanksg. ~ Dec.Xmas : TransSiberian Orchestra!
To Read Pendragon Book 5 : Black Waters.
To Own from Barnes & Noble a Gift Card.

Accomplishments 2010:

Owned a $50.00 Gift Card from Barnes & Noble from Dad.
Owned a $50.00 Gift Card from Barnes & Noble from Harriet & Chuck.
Owned a $30.00 Gift Card from Starbucks from Perrin.
#1 : To Get An Eye Doctor
#2 : To Get Eye Glasses to read and see my cross-stitch with.
#3 : To Get My PSP9 working again.
#4 : Saw And Own : Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 in 3D
#5 : To Keep My Doctors
#6 : To Live In A House.
#7 : To Keep Inside My Webcompetitions
To Keep Dr. Michelle C. Scanlon
To Keep Hyperbaric w/ Dr. J. Martin Smith and Dr. Kirsten Smith
To Keep Martha Barker.
To Keep Dr. Susan Meranda King
To Still Live At Shavano Woods
I have as well PSP 8 working.
I have as well Reflet "Reflect Watery Program" working.
I have A Flat Screen Monitor for my computer.
To Own: A Charlie Brown Series On DVD.
Went to Poteet Strawberry Festival.
Went to Night In O' San Antonio.
Went in Sept: Vacation :To: Seattle, Washington and Vancover, Canada.
Read Pendragon Book 3 : Never Ever War.
I started reading Pendragon Book 4 : The Reality Bug
Own: Bionic Woman Series on DVD.
Own: The Karate Kid New Version 2010.
Own: Disney's Christmas Carol w/ Jim Carrey.
Own: Alice In Wonderland : Johnny Depp DVD.
Own: Mary Poppins 45th Aniversary DVD.
Own: Dinotopia DVD.
Own: Disney Parks 6Pk DVD Set.

Credits Also Goes To:

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All material is ® and © by their respected owners. All rights reserved by the respected owners. Use of copyrighted. And trademarked material is for entertainment purposes only; no infringement on the original copyrights or trademarks held by the respected owners is intended or should be inferred.